Student Emergency Fund FAQ (2024)

The Student Emergency Fund helps BGSU students who experience an accident, illness, financial hardship, or other emergency situation that may jeopardize their ability to continue their education. The fund is funded by the generosity of donors from the BGSU community.

Student Emergency Fund

What is the purpose of the Student Emergency Fund?

The fund supports currently enrolled students who are experiencing financial hardships, accidents, illnesses, or other emergency situations that jeopardize their ability to remain a student at BGSU.

What requests are typically funded?
  • Housing expenses (e.g., rent, deposit, mortgage)

  • Essential utility expenses (e.g., heat, gas, water, and electricity)

  • Groceries

  • Textbooks or e-book codes for BGSU classes

  • Required class supplies as outlined in a course syllabus

  • Car expenses that directly impact a student’s ability to get to campus or BGSU required educational activities (e.g. student teaching placement)

  • On-campus housing fees during break periods that would be an additional fee beyond the student’s current housing contract

What requests are typically not funded?
  • Tuition, BGSU fees (e.g., on-campus housing), health insurance, and study abroad costs
  • Non-essential utilities (e.g., cable) as well as household (e.g., laptop) or furniture costs not related to damage or theft
  • Medical expenses
  • Parking tickets and other fines
  • Costs for entertainment, recreation, non-emergency travel or other non-essential expense
  • Expenses that could beanticipatedand other non-emergency related expenses
  • Student organization fees and expenses
What happens after I submit a request?

You will receive an update from an Office of the Dean Students staff member regarding the status of your application typically within seven days of submission. Applications are reviewed on a weekly basis.

What documentation is needed from me?

As much documentation that you can provide to show your immediate expenses that need to be funded and that an emergency happened. The main documents we need are :

  • Copy of your full lease showing your name as a tenant

  • Copy of your utility bill in your name

  • Copy of any medical bills, eviction notices, or court documents that might show the existence of an emergency

How long does the process take?

Upon reviewing your application you and receiving the required documentation listed above you will typically receive an update within a week of submission. After receiving this status update the University can likely process payment within a few business days. In certain situations, it could take up to two-three weeks to receive a payment.

Student Emergency Fund Testimonials

“This award allows me the time needed to look for safe employment, which is very important to my family and I. BGSU is providing me the opportunity to stay safe and protect my loved ones. I have a brother with cerebral palsy at home with my parents and with his immune system being compromised, this award allows me to have a place to reside, without endangering my brother."
- J.M. BGSU Student
"Thanks to the Student Emergency fund, I was aided in paying my rent, and loaned a laptop to complete the semester. I’m still not 100% sure if I’ll be set for the rest of the semester, but this has taken a HUGE load off of my shoulders. I’m not sure what I would’ve down without the help of the Student Emergency fund.”
- S.C., BGSU Student
“It will help me remain at the university by helping putting food and other necessities in my home. It will also help me be successful at BGSU this summer by not having to drop out and I will be able to finish my last semester out. “
- B.B., BGSU Student
“Thank you so much. This will help my family a lot.”
- O.Z., BGSU Student
“I didn't really express my gratitude on the phone because I couldn't believe it, but I really want to thank you and the university for helping me through these tough times. I'm really appreciative for the aid and will not forget."
- A.G. - BGSU Student
“This support from the S.E.F. will help me remain at the university because I will be able to have rent covered for this month and not have to stress about money which is such a blessing. I will be more successful because I don’t have to keep thinking about money and what food I’m going to have to eat the next day and now I can actually focus on my school work and pass all my classes.”
- E.P.O., BGSU Student
Student Emergency Fund FAQ (2024)


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