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There are great cars for almost any budget. Let's find one for you. AutoTempest helps you compare used car deals from all the major used car sites, including, eBay, and more. Tell us about the car you're looking for, and enter your budget in the maximum price field. Let's find the car that's right for you!

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Select options and see pricing on new vehicles from nearby dealers.

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While AutoTempest helps you find all the cars in one search SearchTempest helps you search all of Facebook Marketplace, craigslist, ebay, and more for whatever else you're looking for. All the cars. One search. (12)

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How AutoTempest Works

We aggregate millions of listings from dealers and private sellers, showing all the results for your search from each of our listings partners. We also generate comparison links for the remaining large sites we don't yet have partnerships with. Our goal is to capture all the results in single search, to save you time and help you find your ideal next car. All the cars. One search. (19)

Just the Cars You Want

AutoTempest supports extensive search filtering for attributes from fuel type to interior color. Cast your net locally or across the country. All the cars. One search. (20)

Browse Results

AutoTempest provides millions of listings from a variety of sources. Browse them by source, or all in a single list, with all the sorting options you'd expect. All the cars. One search. (21)

Search on any device

AutoTempest works well in your browser - on any device, or as an app for iOS or Android. This means you get the full power of AutoTempest on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

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We've partnered with some amazing creators, including Everyday Driver, Wrench Every Day and The Smoking Tire. Find out more about the talented creators we work with to promote our brand.

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Used Cars or New Cars

We've always provided comprehensive car search tools, and now we've also teamed up with TrueCar to ensure no matter what you're looking for, you can find it on Autotempest.

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What People Are Saying

AutoTempest is very helpful to find those hard to find autos. Very convenient to search many sources at once to bring up a nice list with just one search.

Buck Winchester, TN

I don't know how someone hadn't come up with the idea of making a auto sale site search engine to include all other major car sale/auction sites in one easy place. I don't have to go to each major auto sales site one by one to do searches. AutoTempest is awesome.

Martin Atlanta, GA

I enjoy researching pricing for various models, years, and trim levels for Mercedes Benz, and it is rare that I don't find something that I am looking for. Your website is a great resource, and the next time I am in the market for a vehicle, I will definitely make AutoTempest my first (and last) place to look.

Greg Bay Village, OH

Not sure what car to buy?

When you have the right skills and information, the car buying process is easy and enjoyable. Here are some of the guides we've put together to help you on your way to buying your perfect car.

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